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2023 Desert Classic

Patrick Sweeney - TD | Published on 1/9/2023
2023 Desert Classic
January 9-14, 2023
Mission Hills Country Club

In the Championship Flight Patrick Sweeney defeated Paul Bennett to win the 2023 Desert Classic.  Bennett finished block play in the top spot with only single defeat in twelve games.  In the, best-of three finals, Bennett had the first break opportunity in the opening game, but got held up at hoop #5.  Sweeney took over, but his second break fell apart on his attempted straight triple peel when he came through hoop #7 without adequate clearance to hit his reception ball.  Bennett failed to take advantage.  Sweeney was able get going again and finished in his next turn with an Irish Peel, at rover for the 26-4 win.   In Game 2, Bennett hit in but failed to get going scoring just one hoop before abandoning.  Sweeney hit in and got going.  Sweeney was able to run clean breaks of 9-12-5 for the 26-1 victory.


In the First Flight Final, Ron Eccles defeated Curtis Toops 23-16 .  Block play in the first flight was evenly competitive, both Eccles and Toops entered the playoff rounds with identical 5-3 records.

2023 Deset Classic Winners
Curtis Toops with flight winners Ron Eccles & Patrick Sweeney

Championship Flight
1. Patrick Sweeney
2. Paul Bennett
3. Steve Scalpone
4. Rich Lamm
5. Peter Bach
6. Martyn Selman
7. Gene Raymond
8. Karl-Heinz Kempfer

First Flight

1. Ron Eccles
2. Curtis Toops
3. Donna Dixon
4. Mary Rodeberg
5. Nick Gray
6. Tracey Roche
7. Bill Sullivan
8. Barbara Wills