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2023 USCA Golf Croquet Eights

Cheryl Bromley - TD | Published on 4/27/2023


April 27 - 30, 2023

National Croquet Center, West Palm Beach, Florida



Pictured left to right: Matt Griffith, Ellie Griffith, Tom Hennelly,

Mary Hennelly, Randy Cardo, and Bev Cardo.



If you ask the players in this year’s USCA GC8s tournament, you might find that many will say it was one of the more grueling Golf Croquet events that is held annually.  40 players from around the country descended upon the National Croquet Center and battled not only their opponents, but the elements too.  It was unseasonably hot, it was very windy in the afternoons, there were tornado warnings and a two-hour rain delay, along with double-banking and lengthy matches, but despite all that, everyone played on.


This tournament has a unique format from other events as each match consists of 2-of-3 untimed games against each player within a group of eight players in the flight designated by dgrades.  Final ranking places are determined by matches won, then net games won, then net hoops, and many of the results came down to a difference of only one net game. 


Special “Thank Yous” go out to all of the referees and Johnny Mitchell who stepped up to share the duties, along with Ursula from the USCA, and the fine team at NCC who kept us well fed and the lawns ready to go.



Pictured above: Caryl Firth, Danny Huneycutt, and Priscilla Flowers

First Eight Final Order

2nd Eight Final Order


3rd Eight Final Order


4th Eight Final Order


5th Eight Final Order


Billy Harper

Randy Cardo

Lynda Sudderberg

Ellie Griffith

John Strasser

Danny Hunneycutt

Helen Covington

Marc Stearns

Kendall Hendrick

David Scott

Kent Lovvorn

Bev Cardo

Alex Galasso

Bill Simmons

Tim Williams

Jim Teel

James Creasey

Dick Boger

Priscilla Flowers

Mary Hennelly

Tamer Hatata

Stephen Tasker

Amr Hamdy

Jeff Morrison

Ellen O’Brien

Matt Griffith

Bo Prillaman

David McCoy

Ryan Eberlein

Tom Bown

Jay Hughes

Darin Guffey

Steve Jackson

Caryl Firth

Sarah Persons

Leo McBride

Cheryl Bromley

Chris Morris

Sue Emond

Tom Hennelly



Thank you all for participating!


Respectfully submitted by,

Cheryl Bromley

Tournament Director