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2023 GC Boot Camp

Macey White - TD | Published on 5/5/2023

GC Boot Camp

May 5-7, 2023
Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club

group photo 2023 boot camp tournament

On May 5-9 the Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club held the held a Golf Croquet Tournament that was attended by bootcamp participants and challengers who came in form outside the camp.  There were 13 Bootcampers, 4 Bootcamp instructors and 5 challengers.

This was a USCA sanctioned singles golf croquet tournament with round-robin block play followed by a knockout.  All players were in Championship Flight.

Challenger Steve Thurston won Block 1 with Instructor Nancy Crouch coming in second.  Instructor Dorothy Silliman won Block 2 with Challenger Doug Fowler in second.  Instructor David Paukovich won Block 3 with Bootcamper Kim Allen coming in second.  Challenger Lisa Maloney won Block 4 with Challenger Pamela Darney coming in second.

Two tight semi matches, both were 7-6 with Steve Thurston defeating Nancy Crouch and Kim Allen Defeating David Paukovich.

In the end, Challenger Steve Thurston defeated Bootcamper Kim Allen in the finals.

2023 boot camp Steve Thurston winner and Kim Allen Finalist
Finalist Kim Allen & Winner Steve Thurston

Tournament Director, Macey White

Championship Singles
1. Steve Thurston
2. Kim Allen
3. David Paukovich
3. Nancy Crouch
5. Lisa Maloney
5. Pamela Darney
5. Dorothy Silliman
5. Inez Cancienne
9. Joe Ward
9. Janet Schwartz
9. Whitney Thain
9. Doug Fowler
9. Patti Paukovich
9. Sheila Peterson
9. Grace Hanners
16. Cynthia Fowler
16. Cathy Long
16. Bess Gallanis
16. Sara Atherholt