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2023 Greenwich Invitational

Bob Kroeger - TD | Published on 6/23/2023
Greenwich Invitational
June 23-25, 2023
Greenwich Croquet Club - Greenwich CT

The 2023 Greenwich Invitational was held at Bruce Park in Greenwich, CT from June 23 - 25. This was a singles only event in two flights, Championship and First Flight.  Each flight played a full round robin of eight players with the top two finishers in each flight playing in the final.  The court surface featured low-cut bluegrass. Since this grass can be cut only so low, we resized the lawns so that players could manage to hit their ball fully across the lawn getting out of bounds. 

In the Championship finals, Courtney Green (3) of the Sandwich Croquet Club beat Webster Bull (-1.5) of the Sarasota Croquet Club while Houston Croquet Association member Penny Pressler (7) beat Katie Bull (10) of the Sarasota Croquet Club in First Flight.  Big handicap tracking point gains were made by Courtney Green (3) +14, George Peterkin (4) +10, David Kepner (5) +25, and Karen Kay (12) +13. 


The tournament was beautifully managed by Bill Miller with enormous help from his wife June. Others who played a huge part in the success of the tournament were Hilary and Ed Michaels and Fred Baker. 

As Tournament Director, I could not have asked for nicer people to have in a tournament.  This was my 31st year involvement with the Greenwich Invitational -- an event I am grateful to have been a part of for all those years.


Bob Kroeger, TD and Scheduler

Courtney Green Champ Winner
Courtney Green Championship Winner
L to R Penny Pressler Ist Flt Winner Katie bull runner up
l to r Penny Pressler First Flight winner & Katie Bull

Final Order

Championship Singles
1. Courtney Green
2. Webster Bull
3. David Kepner
4. George Peterkin III
5. Quinn Reinhardt
6. John Watson
7. Bill Miller
7. Boyd Parker

First Flight Singles

1. Penny Pressler
2. Katie Bull
3. Kathleen Green
3. Patricia Peterkin
3. Larry Schmutz
6. Karen Kay
7. Nora Watson
8. Hilary Michaels