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2023 Massachusetts State Championship

Bob Kroeger - TD | Published on 7/15/2023

Massachusetts State Championship

July 15-16, 2023
New Bedford, MA

The 2023 Massachusetts State Croquet Tournament was held at Hazelwood Park in New Bedford, Massachusetts on July 15 & 16. The facility has two magnificent bentgrass greens that easily hold a full court each.  The event featured two flights ~ Championship and First Flight with seven players in each playing a full round robin. The winner of each flight was the one with the most wins. There was not a final as such however the last game in each block featured the the #1 and #2 positions against each other so the player who won those games would have been the flight winners. Championship Flight winner was Webster Bull (-1.5) and First Flight, Randy Bedard (9). Big tracking point gains were made by Paul Bradley (10) +16 and George Claffey (6) +12.


The event was masterfully managed by Courtney and Kathy Green who put in an enormous amount of time pre-tournament as well as during it.  Special thanks go to the the Marion Mallet Club and the Sandwich Croquet Club that lent equipment, all the players who helped out with various tasks, and the staff at Hazelwood Park who were a huge help. New Bedford's Mayor Jon Mitchell showed up on the first day - he was key in getting this beautiful facility built.


Bob Kroeger, Tournament Scheduler and Director

Webster Bull Bob Kroeger Courtney Green
Championship Winner Webster Bull with
Bob Kroeger TD and Finalist Courtney Green

Randy Bedard Bob Kroeger Paul Bradley
First Flight Winner Randy Bedard with
Bob Kroeger, TD and Finalist Paul Bradley

Final Order

Championship Singles
1. Webster Bull
2. Courtney Green
3. George Claffey
4. Ed Gardella
4. Bill Miller
6. Jeanmarie Bedard
6. Kathy Green

First Flight Singles
1. Randy Bedard
2. Paul Bradley
3. Debbie Martin
4. Katie Bull
5. Ware Cady
6. Jean Lynch
7. Karen Manning