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2023 Rochester Invitational

Rich Curtis - TD | Published on 8/10/2023

10th Rochester Invitational

August 10-13, 2023
Rochester Croquet Club, Rochester, NY

Group photo

Pleasantly surprised to dodge the predicted stormy weather, the Rochester Croquet Club welcomed 17 players to its 10th Annual Rochester Invitational held at the Grace & Truth SportsPark with Rich Curtis serving as tournament director and Sue Sherer as tournament manager. Prevailing against an accomplished array of other Hi-Lo Doubles teams, Rich Curtis and first-time tournament participant Denise Ireland took first place in an exciting match against second place finishers Leo Leither and Fred Beck.

1st Place Doubles
First Place Doubles
2nd Place Doubles
Second Place Doubles

In 2nd Flight Singles play, Sue Sherer won first place with Linda Pike taking second place.  In 1st Flight Singles play, lowest on the roster at the start of the games, Peter Sherer surprised all by winning second place after beating Jan Fisher in the semi-finals.  However, newcomer to the Rochester tournament, Quinn Reinhardt took first place in 1st Flight handily winning all of his games.

Championship Flight included handicaps from -1 to 3.5 as often happens in smaller tournaments when you need to set players into flights.  After block play, semi-finals began with 1st seed Rich Laging (1.5) defeating Leo Leither (3.5) and 2nd seed Rodney Lassiter (-1) losing to 3rd seed Ryan Thompson (3.5).  Defending play on his home court, Rich Laging fell to Ryan Thompson 23-19 in a hotly contested game.

CF Singles
Championship Singles Winners
1st Flight Singles
First Flight Singles Winners
2nd Flight Singles
Second Flight Singles Winners

Known for its unique tournament awards, the watercolor print I have cheekily titled It’s a Jungle on the Court! was painted by a college friend of mine, Randy Mohr, whom I commissioned after finding a pair of humorous posters he had rendered in pen and ink in college hidden behind a dresser that got moved as we transitioned from Rochester to Louisville, KY.  Please contact me at if you would like to own one of these great prints for your very own.  (My personal favorite is the bear as I can just imagine him saying “I can’t believe I just did that.”)


Submitted by Sue Sherer, Tournament Manager

Final Order

Championship Singles
1. Ryan Thompson
2. Rich Laging
3. Rodney Lassiter
3. Leo Leither
5. Deborah Millican
6. Ron Millican

First Flight Singles
1. Quinn Reinhardt
2. Peter Sherer
3. Jan Fisher
3. Fred Beck

Second Flight Singles

1. Sue Sherer
2. Linda Pike
3. Bill Vrooman
3. Denise Ireland

Hi/Lo Doubles
1. Rich Curtis & Denise Ireland
2. Leo Leither & Fred Beck
3. Rodney Lassiter & James Peasley
3. Quinn Reinhardt & Jan Fisher
5. Ron Millican & Peter Sherer
6. Rich Laging & Bill Vrooman
7. Ryan Thompson & Norm Pike
8. Deborah Millican & Linda Pike