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2023 Cranberry Classic

Bob Kroeger - TD | Published on 9/10/2023

Cranberry Classic

Sept 10, 2023
Sandwich Croquet Club

On September 10, 2023, the Sandwich Croquet Club held its first Cranberry Classic – a half day 16 player singles event with no playoffs (four blocks of four players in each) with each player getting three games.  One of the things that made this a unique event was that it was not flight specific. The handicap range was 6 to 14 with similarly handicapped players put into their own blocks (i.e. the four strongest players were in Block 1, the next four strongest in Block 2, etc).  This allowed the highest handicap players to have as good a chance to win the tournament as the lowest.

Criteria in determining who won the event was (in order of importance) wins, net points, and gross points.  As it turns out, top seed Ed Gardella (6) won and Karen Kay (13) came in second. It was a difference of one net point that put Ed on top.

Special thanks to Ed Gardella, Ware Cady, and Mike Sayler for court setup and Rosemary Holland for hospitality.


Bob Kroeger, Tournament Director and Scheduler

Final Order

1. Ed Gardella
2. Karen Kay
3. Kathy Green
3. John Welch
3. Linda Taber
3. Sarah Mitchell
3. Lawrence Schmutz
3. Mike Saylor
9. Jean Lynch
9. Bob Taber
9. Ware Cady
9. Paul Bradley
9. John Clark
9. Karen Manning
15. Clint Holland
15. Kristen Campbell