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2023 USCA Seniors Masters

Carla Rueck & Doug Moore - TDs | Published on 11/8/2023

USCA Seniors Masters

November 8-12, 2023
National Croquet Center

“Tis’ The Year Without a Final…Again?”

The Seniors Masters Croquet Tournament at the NCC in West Palm Beach, Florida November 8-12, 2023
45 players in three flights competed in Singles and Doubles this year in sunny South Florida at the NCC. Players came from all over the country to compete in five flights of singles and three flights of doubles. Although we usually have a better turn out…maybe last year’s rain scared players away? Maybe it was the Hall of Fame dinner being moved to March? Maybe it was just too close to Halloween and everyone was spooked?

Even with a smaller field, the play was intense and there was no shortage of drama. Let’s just get to it…here are some highlights: Congrats to Lynda Sudderberg, huge wins against Sherif and Randy Cardo and a great effort losing by one point in the quarter-finals to Richard Sheely. Calvert Chaney had similar accomplishments. Although Calvert is old enough to play in the Masters division, he signed up for the Seniors flight so he could beat up on some youngsters. With a thrilling victory over Randy Cardo in the playoffs, he made it all the way to the semi-finals. Lynda and Calvert, congratulations to you both on a great tournament. Which brings us to the finals between Sherif and Danny. Very much like last year, this final was never played. Maybe our tournament directors Doug and Carla are the problem? Regardless, we are
all very happy that Danny is back to form as well as Frederick Beck…you both had us a little worried for a second there.

First flight was interesting, both divisions were mixed for block play and separated for the playoffs. The women dominated this flight. In the Seniors division, Kat Robinson upset Mark Ski in the finals and Yen Sulivan prevailed over David Spivey in the Masters division. The women didn’t stop there…in the Second Flight finals, Jennifer Joseph prevailed over Sonia Alexandra in a great match 13-12.

Congratulations to this year’s Grand Master Champion David Ekstrom.

Great Play, Great Food, Fun times…looking forward to next year and we’ll leave you with this
fun quote…

-Doug & Carla

“I say, Billy, what's the use in playing croquet when you're doomed?”
He says, “Frankie, what's the use of not playing croquet when you're doomed?”

-Frank McCourt (Author)

Seniors Division

Championship Singles
1. Sherif Abdelwahab
2. Danny Huneycutt
3. Rick Sheely
3. Calvert Chaney
5. Lynda Sudderberg
6. Randy Cardo
7. Mike Weimerskirch
8. Bob Gannon

First Flight
1. Kat Robertson
2. Mark Ski

Masters Division

Championship Singles
1. Bob Van Tassell
2. Randy Reid
3. David Ekstrom
3. Mike Todorovich
5. Jeff Morrison
5. Scott Spradling
5. Bill Trower
5. David McCoy
9. John Curington
9. Preston Stuart
10. Mike Gibbons

First Flight Singles
1. Yen Sullivan
2. David Spivey
3. Stephen Grassbaugh
3. John Joseph
5. Suzanne Spradling
5. Sally McGrath
7. David Kepner

Combined Seniors Masters

Second Flight Singles
1. Jennifer Joseph
2. Sonia Alexandra
3. Tom Lindley
3. Rick Hayes
5., John McGrath
5. Alex Galasso
7. Jeffery Cohen
8. Jean Lynch
9. Priscilla Flowers
DNF Fred Beck

Championship Doubles

1. Danny Huneycutt & Randy Cardo
2. Bob Van Tassell & Dick Sullivan
3. Scott Spradling & David Ekstrom
3. Rick Sheely & Mike Weimerskirch
5. Preston Stuart & Calvert Chaney
6. Lynda Sudderberg & Mark Ski
7. Mike Gibbons & David McCoy

First Flight Doubles
1. Bill Trower & David Spivey
2. David Kepner & Kat Robertson
3. Jeff Morrison & Yen Sullivan
3. Sally McGrath & John McGrath
5. Bob Gannon & Stephen Grassbaugh
5. Suzanne Spradling & Missy Chilton

Second Flight Doubles

1. Bill Sadowski & Ann Licursi
2. John Joseph & Jennifer Joseph
3. Tom Lindley & Geoffrey Kagan
3. Fred Beck/Sonia Alexandra & Rick Hayes
5. Alex Galasso & Priscilla Flowers
6. Jeffery Cohen & Jean Lynch