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2023 USCA Golf Croquet Club Teams

Tate Russack - TD | Published on 12/1/2023

USCA Golf Croquet Club Teams

December 1-3, 2023
Sarasota County Croquet Club




Let me say that again, Wow!    The USCA 2023 Club teams Tournament was a rousing success!


60 Players, forming 30 teams, played 174 games of golf croquet over 3 days on the SEVEN newly minted, beautifully flat and gorgeous Sarasota County Croquet Club lawns.


Each day with Fresh Coffee provided by the Wonderful SCCC Members, then off to Play at 8 am sharp. The players took to the lawns and battled each other for 5 games each day, completing 9 block games the first two days and the first knockout game on Saturday afternoon.  

The competitors and the competition were fabulous, and all players completed their games with greater Skills and Endurance than their D-Grades indicated. Well done All!

After 3 LONG DAYS……

Second Flight players, John Ayers and Joe Fairbanks from Sarasota Croquet Club, prevailing with 10 wickets, in a 19 point final game over Debbie Martin and Louise Cardellini, from Sarasota, at 6  





In First Flight Jim Watrous and Frank LaVall of the Belleair Croquet Club scored 10 wickets to The Little Club’s Bruce Hindin and Neil Trimble 8 took home the 1st Flight finalist trophy. 





Finally, The Championship Flight Battle of the Titans, stared just after Noon on Sunday. Mathew Essicks and Jeff Smith from the Country Club of Orlando prevailed against Grand Haven Croquet Club’s Macy White and Nancy Crouch.


The exceptional play by the less experienced half of both teams made these games exciting to watch, Nancy and Jeff executed their team strategy with the precision of players with 10s of years of experience.   In the end the Essicks*Smith team prevailed over the White*Crouch duo with a final score of 10-7.




CLUB TEAM WINNER    It was close to the last Hoop! With Belleair Croquet Club & two Sarasota teams playing the finals in Second flight, guaranteeing them 4 and 5 points respectively for 1st and 2nd, the Tournament Director and the Florida Regional VP, Bill Simmons , who was also a player in the event had to review how a tie in points might be resolved.  Points are given out for 1st through 5th place and prior to the finals Belleair Croquet Club had already amassed 5 points and had a team in the finals in First Flight.   Were the First flight team of Jim Watrous and Joe Fairbanks to take 2nd place to Hinden Trimble, then a tie in points would require the Tournament Director to break the tie and pronounce a winner.  After consultation between Tate and Cami Russack, the Tournament Directors and Bill Simmons the Regional VP it was determined that total wins would be the next determining factor.   Sarasota had 22 wins over the total tournament and Belleair only had 20.  


All eyes were on lawn 4 as the other competitors watch the players tie the game at wicket 16, 8-8.  Joe and Frank were able to squeak through wicket 17 to advance to the lead.    At wicket 18, the two teams battled back and forth clearing for the advantage, but in the end Joe Ayers and Frank LaValle from Belleair Croquet Club secured the last wicket and in doing scored an additional 5 points for their club to prevail as the USCA 2023 Club Teams Winner.


Below are a few more Photo Memories – with Camera Person Credits to whomever had my phone at the time, Thank you all for attending, and volunteering.  It is always a GREAT DAY TO PLAY CROQUET.


Yours Tate Russack TD



Below are a few more Photo Memories – with Camera Person Credits to whomever had my phone at the time,


Cami & Tate Russack & the unknown Pole Dancer.  Matt Griffith,                                                         Jennifer Joseph, Carlos Ayala-Pagan, lori Matway,           Susan Creasey,                                                     Neil Trimble, Bruce Hindin, Susan Turner and Pam Groh.



Final Results

Champion Club - Belleair Croquet Club

Championship Flight
1. Matthew Essick & Jeff Smith
2. Macey White & Nancy Crouch
3. Cecil Creasey & Susan Creasey
4. Marc Stearns & MaryCarol Stearns
5. Kendall Hendrick & Laura Hendrick
6. James Creasey & Bill Simmons
7. Tate Russack & Cami Russack
7. Matt Griffith & Ellie Griffith
9. Alex Galasso & Chris Weihs
10. Jack Rush & David Scott

First Flight
1. Jim Watrous & Frank LaValla
2. Bruce Hindin & Neill Trimble
3. Brand Shank & Lori Matway
4. James Welch & Mike Hatcher
5. Caryl Firth & Mary Galasso
6. Priscilla Flowers & Tom Lindley
7. Suzanne Turner & Pam Groh
7. Phil Emond & Jo Hofmann
9. Karen Weihs & Arthur Olsen
10. Dana Beisheim & Anita Huber

Second Flight
1. Jon Ayers & Joe Fairbanks
2. Debbie Martin & Louise Cardellina
3. John Joseph & Jicham Zaatini
4. Jeanette Hodgkins & Donald Kent
5. Jake Walter & Carlos Ayala-Pagan
6. Christine Smith & Kathie Hart
7. Jennifer Joseph & Heidimarie Michitsch
7. Ned Sperry & Holly Sperry
9. George Howard & Anthony Furino
10. David Paukovich & Patricia Paukovick