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2024 USCA Florida GC Regional Championship

Cheryl Bromley - TD | Published on 1/4/2024

Florida Golf Croquet Regional Championship

January 4-7, 2024
Sarasota County Croquet Club


A total of 61 players in singles and doubles descended upon the Sarasota County Croquet Club in Venice, Florida to kick off the first GC tournament of the 2024 season, the USCA Florida GC Regional.


A huge “Thank You” to Nancy Hart, Tournament Manager, and her hospitality team of volunteers along with Jim Coling and his lawns’ team for taking such good care of the players and lawns!  Everyone went above and beyond to make this event happen.

Nancy Hart_
IMG 0734
IMG 0725



Photo above left: Nancy Hart & Sue Williams; Middle: Mark Claff, Jim Coling, Doug Ledgett, and John Ayers. Right: Penn Pendleton, Chris Smith, and Karen Weihs took advantage of the comfortable rockers courtside.


The USCA Regional featured doubles and singles matches starting with Block play, then Knock Out and Plate consolation events in two flights.  The play was extraordinary and, despite torrential rains on Saturday morning, this hearty group of croquet aficionados could not be deterred.


Congratulations to our 2024 Champions!

Championship Flight Singles Winner: Brian Lozano    

Singles Finalist: Hassan Raqem

Singles Plate Winner: Helen Covington

Championship Flight Doubles Winners: Kent Lovvorn and Matt Griffith

Doubles Finalists: Brian Lozano and Amr Hamdy

Doubles Consolation Winners: Bo Prillaman and Billy Harper

Brian Lozano_Hassan
IMG 0765


Left: 2024 Singles Champion Brian Lozano with FL RVP Bill Simmons, and Finalist Hassan Raqem.  Right: Doubles Finalists Brian Lozano and Amr Hamdy, TD Cheryl Bromley, Doubles Champions Kent Lovvorn and Matt Griffith, and FL RVP Bill Simmons. 

Cheryl Bromley Helen Covington
Bo Prillaman_



Left: TD Cheryl Bromley with Singles Plate Winner Helen Covington. Right: Doubles Plate Winners Bo Prillaman and Billy Harper


Spoerl Takes Top Honors in First Flight Singles and Doubles

IMG 0813


Scott Spoerl plowed through the field of competitors to capture both the First Flight Singles title and the First Flight Doubles title with his wife, Jan Spoerl.


First Flight Results

FF Singles Champion: Scott Spoerl

FF Singles Finalist: Bruce Hindin

FF Singles Plate Winner: Priscilla Flowers

FF Doubles Champions: Scott Spoerl and Jan Spoerl

FF Doubles Finalists: Lynda Bjorklund and Anne Killilea

FF Doubles Consolation Winners: Tim and Julie Wright

IMG 0758
Cheryl Bromley Priscilla Flowers
IMG 0738


Above Left: First Flight Doubles Finalists Lynda Bjorklund and Anne Killilea, FF Doubles Champions Scott Spoerl and Jan Spoerl and FF Singles Finalist Bruce Hindin.  Middle photo: TD Cheryl Bromley with FF Plate Winner Priscilla Flowers.  Right photo: Tim Wright and Julie Wright captured the First Flight Doubles Consolation title.

Final Order

Championship Singles
1. Brian Lozano
2. Hassan Raqem
3. Ellie Griffith
3. Amr Hamdy
5. Ahab Abdelwahab
5. Billie Ray
5. Tamer Hatata
5. Peter Carlin
9. Gary Gamble
9. Billy Harper
9. Tate Russack
9. Kendall Hendrick
9. John Wight
9. Mike Hatcher
9. Debbie Davidoff
9. Chris Weihs
17. Helen Covington - Plate Winner
18. Gene Ratmond
19. Jack Rush
20. Matt Griffith
20. Kent Lovvorn
20. Laura Hendrick
20. Dennis Leddy
20. Alex Galasso
25. Doug Ledgett
25. Ellen Nielsen
25. Bo Prillaman
25. Jose Benjuma

First Flight Singles

1. Scott Spoerl
2. Bruce Hindin
3. Tom Lindley
3. Jim Watrous
5. Tom Hennelly
5. Cami Russack
5. Julie Wright
5. John Grout
9. Bill Simmons
9. Caryl Firth
9. Michael Kukla
9. Lynda Bjorklund
9. Diane Walker
9. Jan Spoerl
9. Robert Smothers
9. Joe Fairbanks
17. Priscilla Flowers - Plate Winner
18. Kathie Gamble
19. Karen Weihs
19. Arthur Olsen
21. Chris smith
21. David Scott
21. Mary Galasso
21. Tim Wright
25. Anne Killilea
25. Judy Carlin
25. Mary Hennelly
25. Penn Pendleton

Championship Doubles
1. Kent Lovvorn & Matt Griffith
2. Brian Lozano & Amr Hamdy
3. Debbie Davidoff & Cheryl Bromley
3. Hassan Raqem & Tamer Hatata
5. Billie Ray & Ellen Nielsen
5. Tate Russack & Cami Russack
5. Ahab Abdelwahab & Dennis Leddy
5. Jack Rush & David Scott
9. Billy Harper & Bo Prillaman - Plate Winner
10. Alex Galasso & Tom Lindley
11. Ellie Griffith & Priscilla Flowers
11. Gene Raymond & Jim Watrous
13. Helen Covington & Bill Simmons
13. Kendall Hendrick & Laura Hendrick
13. John Wight & Bruce Hindin
13. Peter Carlin & Gary Gamble

First Flight Doubles
1. Jan Spoerl & Scott Spoerl
2. Anne Killilea & Lynda Bjorklund
3. Jose Benjumea & Joe Fairbanks
3. Doug Ledgett & Michael Kukla
5. Tim Wright & Julie Wright - Plate Winner
6. Robert Smothers & Kevin Killilea
7. Chris Weihs & Karen Weihs
7. Caryl Firth & Mary Galasso
7. John Walker & John Grout
10. Judy Carlin & Kathie Gamble
10. Chris Smith & Penn Pendleton
12. Mary Hennelly & Tom Hennelly
12. Arthur Olsen & Michael Kolowich