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2024 3rd Annual Women's GC Open

Cheryl Bromley - TD | Published on 1/18/2024

3rd Annual Women's Golf Croquet Open

January 18-21, 2024
National Croquet Center

2024 Women’s GC Open

Draws Largest Field of Women Players!

IMG 0364 trophy


With a record 72 women from all across the U.S and international players from Spain and Canada participating, this year’s women’s GC tournament was the largest ever held anywhere in the world.

DSC 0890 Spain     DSC 0899 CAD  

    Pictured left from Spain, Maria “Jose” Montojo, Dominique Aranda, Maria “Suna” Asuncion Cardoso, Luz Maria Prado, and Maria “Koti” Jose Pailos.  Pictured right from Canada, Lynda Forbes and Jane Beharriell.


With three blocks of eight players in each of three divisions, the top 5 in each block and one wildcard advanced to the Round of 16 Knockouts in their flights with the remaining players moving into Plate (consolation).  Then, just as is done in the World Championships, players advanced deeper into the draw or moved into playoffs in Shield, Bowl, and 3rd/4th contests as well as a Medallion category, giving everyone lots of matches on the lawns.


The evening prior to the Finals featured a lovely dinner in the upstairs banquet room at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, catered by SandyJames Fine Food providing players with a fun opportunity to socialize and renew friendships old and new. 

IMG 0945 dinner   IMG 0943 men  

Congratulations to all the newly crowned Champions!

IMG 0937 Koti Domi   IMG 0980 Mary G Kathie G      IMG 1006 Jane G Betty

Above Left: Championship Flight Pailos and Aranda.  Middle: First Flight Galasso and Gamble.  Right: Second Flight Grandusky and Robinson.


Championship Flight Winner: Mario “Koti” Jose Pailos

Championship Finalist: Dominique Aranda

Third Place: Lisa Maloney

Fourth Place: Helen Covington

Bowl Winner: Ellie Griffith

Shield Winner: Jodie Rugart

Medallion Winner: Barbara Jamison

Plate Winner: Anne Killilea


Spectators stuck around on Sunday for a thrilling world class final between Koti and Dominique of Spain.  In a two-of-three game shootout, Koti managed to battle back from a 5-6 deficit to take the first game to the “hook” (13th hoop).  Both ladies displayed incredible clearing shots from well across the lawn and strong tactics with Koti taking the first game 7-6.  The second game was equally as exciting with Koti managing to pull out the match with a 7-4 win.


First Flight Champion: Mary Galasso

First Flight Finalist: Kathie Gamble

Third Place: Adrienne Lucke

Fourth Place: Maria “Jose” Montojo

Bowl Winner: MaryCarol Stearns

Shield Winner: Sue Emond

Medallion Winner: Amy Hempt

Plate Winner: Gay Cinque


Second Flight Champion: Jane Grandusky

Second Flight Finalist: Betty Robinson

Third Place: Diane Waterfall

Fourth Place: Kim Gottshall

Bowl Winner: Erica Williams

Shield Winner: Kathy Brown

Medallion Winner: Janet Anthos

Plate Winner: Lynn DeVault


Match results may be found on
Submitted by Cheryl Bromley Tournament Director.


Championship Singles

1. Maria Jose Pailos - CHAMPION
2. Dominique Aranda
3. Lisa Maloney
4. Helen Covington
5. Ellie Griffith - BOWL WINNER
6. Cami Russack
7. Laura Hendrick
7. Priscilla Flowers
9. Jodie Rugart - SHIELD WINNER
10. Jane Beharriell
11. Jan Spoerl
11. Dana Beisheim
13. Barbara Jamison - MEDALLION WINNER
14. Luz Marie Prado
15. Debbie Davidoff
15. Cheryl Bromley
17. Anne Killilea - PLATE WINNER
18. Suzanne Spradling
19. Lynda Forbes
19. Caryl Firth
19. Lynda Bjorklund
19. Jeanne Branthover
19. Vickie Johnston
19. Jo Hofmann

First Flight Singles

1. Mary Galasso - FF CHAMPION
2. Kathie Gamble
3. Adrienne Lucke
4. Maria Jose Montojo
5. MaryCarol Stearns - BOWL WINNER
6. Mary Hennelly
7. Pam Groh
7. Janet Schwartz
9. Sue Emond - SHIELD WINNER
10. Ellen O'Brien
11. Suzanne Turner
11. Mary Anne Hamilton
14. Nancy Sansalone
15. Maria Asuncion Cardosa
15. Susan Langston
17. Gay Cinque - PLATE WINNER
18. Liddy Chaney
19. Karen Connery-Albert
19. Anne Carr
19. Lorie Tarver
19. Karen Heckman
19. Lourdes Milciunas
19. Cathy Long

Second Flight Singles

1. Jane Grandusky - SF CHAMPION
2. Betty Robinson
3. Diane Waterfall
4. Kim Gottshall
5. Erica Williams - BOWL WINNER
6. Violet Frizzell
7. Mary Ellen Gumerson
7. Sarah Persons
9. Kathleen Brown - SHIELD WINNER
10. Glo Ghegan
11. Paula Stellefson
11. Patti Malpass
13. Janet Anthos - MEDALLION WINNER
14. Janet Cook
15. Anne Sherlock
15. Angie Willie
17. Lynn Devault - PLATE WINNER
18. Bess Gallanis
19. Marcia Riching
19. Judy Seller
19. Barbara Coon
19. Jeanmarie Dellosso
19. Fei Fei Williams
19. Lynn Foley